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Basic Forensic Exam Flat Fee

Hard Drive Imaging Fees at ediscovery inc

Basic Forensic Exam Flat Fee

For law firms and their clients, cost control is a key issue when it comes to electronic discovery.

eDiscovery Inc. understands this need and helps clients manage discovery costs. We provide flat-fee rates for basic computer forensic exams and for computer hard-drive imaging.


Why Start with a Basic Exam?

In most instances a client wants to know what happened.  Did the employee take company data with him before he left?

A basic forensics exam can help answer this initial question of “what happened” for a much lower cost and help a client decide if a full forensic exam is going to be warranted.


What will you get from a Basic Forensics Exam?

  • Imaging of the computer hard drive. This is a prerequisite before any computer forensics analysis can be undertaken.  The image is preserved and there is no additional cost if future analysis is necessary.
  • A web-based report of Internet activity. This report includes fragments of web-based email (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.), instant messaging, Facebook posts and chats, Skype messages and other Internet activity that can be recovered from the hard drive.
  • A spreadsheet identifying USB drives that have been connected to the computer.
  • A spreadsheet identifying files that have been accessed from USB drives.


What does a Basic Forensic Exam Cost?

Because the fee for the basic forensic exam includes the cost of the bit-stream imaging, the cost is dependent on the size of the hard drive in the computer that will be examined.

  • $1,250 for hard drives less than 500 GBs (gigabytes)
  • $1,500 for hard drives between 500 GB and <1 TB (terabyte)
  • $1,700 for hard drives between 1TB and <2 TB.
  • $1,900 for hard drives between 2 TB and <3 TB.