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allison goodman ediscovery inc



Allison Goodman is the President of eDiscovery Inc., a consulting firm that provides digital forensics, vehicle forensics and electronic discovery consulting to lawfirms, corporate counsel and governmental entities nationwide. Prior to founding eDiscovery Inc. in 2006, Ms. Goodman was an electronic discovery and digital forensics consultant at Computer Forensics Inc. and also at Navigant Consulting, […]

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jeff whitney ediscovery inc

Certified Computer Examiner


Jeff Whitney is a Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) at eDiscovery Inc., a firm specializing in digital forensics and electronic discovery consulting. He has worked in the digital forensics industry for over 4 years and in the technology industry since graduating from the University of Washington in 2010.

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Brandon kolp ediscovery inc

Computer Examiner


Mr. Kolp has a unique background in the technology industry and is particularly adept at helping others understand the benefits of technology and how to use it effectively. Even though he is proficient with Windows machines, he is a heavy Mac user which provides an added dimension to his ability to analyze Apple products.

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