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Imaging Fees

Hard Drive Imaging Fees at ediscovery inc

The Details Of Our Imaging Fees

It is a prerequisite to create a bit-stream image of a hard drive before any analysis or data recovery can be undertaken.  Hard drive imaging can also be a good source of preservation even if no data recovery or analysis is necessary.

The cost for creating a bit-stream image of a hard drive depends on three factors:


  • The size of the hard drive.
  • Whether the process is done on-site or in our lab.
  • How many hard drives will be imaged at the same time.


The following are flat fee costs for imaging a single drive.


<500 GB $500   <500 GB $300
500 GB – 1 TB $750   500 GB – 1 TB $500
1 TB – 2 TB $1,000   1 TB – 2 TB $700
>3 TB $1,250   >3 TB $900


CELL PHONES – It is also necessary to image a cell phone in order to extract the contents, such as text messages.  The imaging process for cell phones is different than hard drive imaging and the fee is $375 in our lab and $475 on site.  
Extracting the data from a cell phone is performed at our hourly rate of $250 and typically takes about 30 minutes.  


Please call 425-373-3349 or email info@ediscoveryinc.com with any questions, including help on finding the size of your hard drive.