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Phone And Tablet Electronic Discovery

Cell Phone And Tablet Discovery

What can you retrieve from a cell phone or tablet? 

Cell phones and tablets can contain important data not found on other devices. Examples include text messages, photos, call logs and geo-location information.

What may not be on a cell phone or tablet?

For email it’s usually better to go to the email server.  Cell phones synchronize with an email server but generally only have a subset of the data that is on the email server.

iPads® and tablets may not contain any full email.   Many iPads® and tablets are not configured to store the email on the device and simply access it via the Internet.

How do you get to the data?

In order to properly preserve the data on a cell phone or tablet, it is best to create an image of the device, similar to creating an image of a hard drive.  But imaging a cell phone or tablet is quite different from a hard drive since there are so many different types of devices.

It is generally necessary to have the passphrase for the cell phone or tablet to be able to image the device and this is also different from standard hard drives.

What about deleted data?

Whether or not deleted data can be recovered from a cell phone or tablet depends entirely on the make and model of the device.   Before deleted data can be recovered, it is necessary to create a physical image of the entire device. However, depending on the make and model of the phone, the only option may be a logical image.

Acquisition of data from cell phones and tablets is a rapidly changing field, so please call 425-373-3349 or email info@ediscoveryinc.com with any questions.  Knowing the make and model of the device will help us provide a more complete response to your query.