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eDiscovery Inc. regularly provides clients with helpful resources to navigate the complete issues of gaining access to and processing electronic devices and media. Here are a few of the regularly requested documents to assist you and your client in gaining the necessary information for your case;

Conditions for Computer Exam

At eDiscovery Inc. we frequently have access to the opposing party’s data and this document helps address privilege, work product and privacy concerns.  Everybody has significant amounts of private data on their computer and we take our obligation to protect this data very seriously.   No data will be intentionally released – regardless of who hired us – without the consent of the computer owner, their attorney or a court order.

Sample Electronic Discovery Requests

The following is a very broad set of electronic discovery requests designed to learn more about the other party’s networks or computer usage. It covers almost every scenario and MUST be tailored to fit the particular case. THIS DOCUMENT SHOULD NOT BE USED IN ITS ENTIRETY. All of these queries would never apply to any one case.

Sample Preservation Letter

This is also designed to cover every potential scenario and needs to be tailored to fit the particular case. THIS DOCUMENT SHOULD NOT BE USED IN ITS ENTIRETY. The type of parties involved (e.g., corporate v. individual), the facts of the case and a number of other factors need to be considered when drafting a preservation letter.


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