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Every Litigator Needs To Know
About Electronic Discovery

Our team has over 15 Years combined
experience in detailed computer forensics


eDiscovery Inc. effectively bridges the gap between technology and legal. Our clients are lawyers and WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE! We will explain your options in easy to understand terms and provide cost-effective options for managing the digital data in your case.

But this is a big difference – particularly for attorneys that have spent their careers reviewing documents in boxes and binders.  We understand the difficulties associated with this type of shift and have suggestions for easing into the process.

We  can help even the most technophobic become comfortable with electronic discovery. technophobes-by-ediscovery-inc

Call eDiscovery Inc. at 425-373-3349 and you will immediately begin to feel more comfortable with your ability to handle electronic discovery.

It has been our experience that working with us on a few cases provides the best training.  But if you want something more formal, we can  devise a training program that will suit your needs and that of your firm.